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Google launches money transfer feature via Gmail

Gmail says in the next few months, they will add a new feature that allows you to attach money in Gmail to send to the recipient. Actually this is a feature of Google Wallet service, and it is going to be integrated into Gmail.

Google will get the amount of money in your Google Wallet account and send to the Wallet account of the recipient. The sender will spend 2.9% transfer fee and the recipient not have to pay. The recipient does not need to have a Gmail address, but both those sending and receiving funds require a Google Wallet account which is linked to a credit or debit card. The money can then be kept in the digital wallet, spent on Google Play apps and services, or moved back to a bank account.


In the composing email window, you’ll see a button dollar icon (£)on the toolbar, click it, enter the amount and press send to complete the transfer. It’s expected that this features will only support in the US for users over the age of 18.

Google Wallet is an online service of Google, it’s like an electronic wallet that help you buy a lot of things on the Internet. You just need a bank card with an international billing function (Credit or Visa Debit), then add it to Google Wallet. From then on, you can use Google Wallet account to pay in many placeswith Internet connection. This payment service is very convenient because you do not need to re-enter the payment information when purchasing and not worried about exposing credit card information.

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