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How to add a recovery email to Gmail

To add a Gmail address registered before to recover your account when having any problem is not difficult. In previous article, we have guided you sign up for Gmail, and here’s how to add recovery email to Gmail.

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail. Click on My Account.


Step 2: In the Personal Info & Privacy section, select Your Personal Info.


Step 3: Select Email.


Step 4: Click on Recovery email.


Step 5: Enter the recovery email and click Done to finish the process.


Follow these steps of to create recovery email in Gmail, you will no longer afraid of your Gmail stolen anymore. In addition to secure Gmail better, you should also add your phone numbers in Gmail. How to add phone numbers in Gmail is very simple. The service provider will send an SMS or call to your phone number registered when you accidentally lost your Gmail. Goodluck!

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