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How to Automatically Delete Spam Emails in Gmail

Everyone gets a significant number of spam emails which are saved in a different folder named as Spam in their email account. Those emails are useless and they unnecessarily reduce the free space(1024 MB) given by Google. Again if you share your email address publicly or subscribe to any newsletter, over time, you start to collect a lot of spam in your “Spam” (junk) folder.

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That is why you should clear your spam box to regain the space.

However, if you choose each spam to delete, sure you will take a lot of effort and time. Therefore, the best way to keep clean Spam folder is set up automatically spam filter and delete feature built in Google Gmail account.

The steps below describe how to do that.

Step 1: Go to your account and click on gear symbol and select Settings


Step 2: Head to the Filter tab to create a new filter then click on Create a Filter.


Step 3:At the “Has the words” field, type is:spam then click Create a filter with this search



Step 4: Next, check into Delete it and Also apply filter to xxx matching conversations then click Create filter


That’s it! Now all your spam messages will be automatically deleted from your Inbox as well as from your Spam folder.

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