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How to Create a Gmail Icon on Your Desktop

Using Google’s Gmail as your email service makes accessing messages convenient from any computer by visiting Google and logging in to your Gmail account. Instead of opening the browser, navigating to the Google website and clicking “Gmail,” createa shortcut to Gmail on your computer’s desktop for quicker access. Various websites offer free Gmail icons to download. Otherwise, use any available icon in the system folder.

To put Gmail icon on desktop:

Step 1: In the address bar, type chrome: // apps /


Step 2: Next, right-click on the Gmail app and select Create Shortcuts


Step 3: Here you have two following options:

– Desktop: Put the Gmail iconon the desktop

– Pin to taskbar: Put Gmail icon on the taskbar


Both of 2 methods help users access to Gmail quickly with one step. Depending on your needs to make appropriate choices.

Final result:

How-to-Create-a-Gmail-Icon-on-Your-Desktop-4 just introduced to you how to put Gmail icon on your desktop. Actually you can apply above method to all other applications of Google Chrome, not just Gmail. From now, just need only one click on the Gmail icon on the desktop you can log in to your Gmail account.


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