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How to create group email in Gmail

Do you want to save time when you need to send email to the same people regularly? The best way is to create an email group which easily send e-mail messages to many people at once without having to add each email address separately.

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Firstly, Click Gmail at the top-left corner of your Gmail page, then choose icon “+” next to Mail:


Then click Contact


Under “My Contacts” in the left-hand menu, click the New Group button.


Enter a name for the group, then click OK


Secondly, add contacts to a contact group:

The new group will appear under Contacts in the left-hand menu. Click on its name, then click the Add to Group Email. Start typing a contact’s name and then select the Contacts in the Contacts list.


Click the Add button at the bottom of the box


The next time, you only type the first few letters of your group name and it will auto-complete.


Above we guide you how to create a group email. If you regularly communicate with a group of people with the same content, create a Group email immediately to ease to contact.

Wish you successful!

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