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Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail

Using the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail helps you manipulate more easilyand faster even when the computer not connected to the mouse. If you regularly use email and Gmail is your main contact address, thearticle below will be a great help for you.

Useful shortcuts in Gmail:

– Ctrl + Enter: Send an email.

– Ctrl +. : Go to the next compose window.

– Ctrl + Shift + C: Add the recipient’s address in the Cc field

– Ctrl + Shift + B: Add the recipient’s address in the Bcc field

– C: Open a new compose window on the current interface.

– D: Open a compose window in a new window.

– /: Move the cursor to the search tab to find the email.

– R: Move to response frame of reading email.

– #: Delete selected email

– P: Move to previous part of conversation in email

– N: Go to the next email.

– GI: Go to Inbox

– GT: Go to Outbox

To use the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail, follow these steps:

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail -> Click the gear icon -> Select “Settings”


Step 2: Select the “Keyboard Shortcuts” ->“Keyboard shortcuts on” ->“Save Changes”


To see a list of shortcuts, choose “Learn more” under“Keyboard Shortcuts” section -> list of shortcuts will appear for your reference and apply.


Thanks to these shortcuts, you can manipulate more easily with the incoming and sent email in Gmail, manipulate directly on the keyboard without using the mouse.


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